Chalice for Vocations Program


Thank you for your interest in the All Saints Chalice for Vocations Program

sponsored by Lumen Christi Council 13520, Knights of Columbus. 

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Our Catholic faith is a wonderful gift from God. The vitality of the Church depends upon us to create a Catholic Community that supports and encourages vocation awareness, promoting with enthusiasm all vocations: to the priesthood, consecrated life, deaconate, lay ministry, single and married life.

We should Pray daily for our own vocation, Pray as a community, and Pray for others to “hear the call.” Some members of the Church are called to serve through ordination, religious life and full time lay ministry. Every one of us can give testimony to the ways these people have touched our lives and strengthened our faith.

You are invited to be a part of the Chalice for Vocations program as a special effort to pray for religious vocations. The Chalice is presented to you during Mass, to be returned the next week, where it is to be transferred to another family or individual, sharing in turn as a community in this effort. During the week, the household displays the Chalice in a prominent place, so the family can gather around daily for the time of prayer. This packet of suggested prayers and scripture readings has been prepared to help you.  Click here for an article with additional information about the Chalice for Vocations Program which appeared in our Parish Newsletter.

Additional information pertaining to logistics will be distributed in the reminder email sent a few days before your scheduled date.


Again. Thank You for your interest in this very vital program


Chris Diaz

Chalice for Vocation Program Chairman

Lumen Christi Council 13520, Knight of Columbus