All Saints Catholic School Faculty and Staff 

The All Saints Catholic School faculty is comprised of 27 teachers who have an average of 15 years of experience in the classroom. Our teachers take great pride in their profession and continuously search for professional development opportunities to ensure they are implementing best practices. Sixty percent of the All Saints Catholic School faculty have earned advanced degrees, including a Ph. D and an Ed. D, and all faculty members hold various subject and grade specific certifications. The student to teacher ratio of 10:1 allows faculty to develop a strong relationship with their students in order to maximize learning and academic growth.

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 = Dallas Catholic Foundation Work of Heart Award recipient 








Dr. Laura McCorkle 

Director of Student Services


Dr. Laura McCorkle 

Director of Advancement & Mission


Gabe Moreno 

Business Manager


Laura Olson 



Liz Ridling 

Facilities / After School Director


Andrea LaGreca 



Marie Miles 



Abby Tett 

Maintenance Manager


Anthony Gamble 

Director of IT


Mike Jobes 

PreK 3 Teacher


Taylor Brown 

PreK 4 Teacher


Bridgett Bronson 

Kindergaten Teacher


Patty Moothart 

Part-time Kindergarten Aide


Kristen Theisen 

1st Grade Teacher


Nicole Ramirez 

2nd Grade Teacher


Jennifer Gamboa 

3rd Grade Teacher


Ellen Hollister 

3rd Grade Teacher


Lizzy McCartin 

4th Grade HR / 4th & 5th Science / 4th Religion


Kelly Weese 

4th Grade HR / 4th & 5th SS


Terri LeBlanc 

5th Grade HR / 4th & 5th Math / 5th Religion


Karen Beacham 

5th Grade HR / 4th & 5th ELA


Danielle Whiffen 

6th Grade HR / 6-8 ELA


Linda Eckstein 

6th Grade HR / 6-8 SS


Jennifer LeBlanc 

7th Grade HR / 6-8 Literature


Christine Drumm 

7th Grade HR / 6-8 Science


Brian Suddendorf 

8th Grade HR / 6-8 Religion


Liz Hawkins 

8th Grade HR / 6-8 Math


Kate Ehnis 

Honors Math 4-8


Dr. John Ringhauser 

Art (Monday & Wednesday)


DeeAnn McNeil 

Art (Tuesday & Thursday)


Colleen Cromley 

Athletic Director


Kristi Uhlemann 

Counselor (Monday & Wednesday)


Haley Horner 

Dyslexia Therapist


Erin Warrnick 

Part-time Librarian


Kristen Theisen 

Music / Band Director / Liturgy


Jim Oliver 

Orchestra/ Academic Competition Coordinator / Liturgy


Shana Druffner 

Physical Education


Andy Chupka 

Part-time Spanish


Mariella Bailey