Honors Program

Mission Statement: The mission of our honors program at All Saints Catholic School is to challenge students to reach their God given full potential, using curriculum compacting, differentiated instruction, problem solving, practical applications and a variety of strategies, meeting all learning styles. We strive to provide a rigorous academic environment specifically designed to meet the intellectual, creative, social, and emotional needs of the honors children within our Catholic community. Our goal is to produce self-directed life-long learners who will become more productive citizens.

How does it work?

Students in 4th-8th grade participate through a program focusing in the content areas of math and ELA. The honors classes follow the same diocesan curriculum as the regular classes, but are more project based and cover objectives with more depth and complexity.

While our process in determining identification and placement will remain the same from year to year, the content area in which we offer the honors program may change to best meet the needs of a class. Identification and placement is determined according to the criteria below. While we would love to service those “on the bubble” students, we must limit our program to best meet the needs of this specific student population.

For students who are new to All Saints, we review the most recent standardized test scores sent from the student’s previous school, as well as a copy of the most recent and/or cumulative report card. If none are available, your child’s scores from our next round of testing will be considered for the following year. If your child has been a part of an honors program at a previous school, please provide All Saints with a letter or document on official school stationary acknowledging that the student participated in a program and including the test scores used for identification. All Saints will honor test results from other districts/ schools provided that they are not more than two years old, and were nationally normed ability and/or achievement tests.

Honors Student Identification Criteria

  • COGAT Quantitative score of 95th percentile or above for math or a COGAT Verbal score of 95th percentile or above for reading and
  • ITBS total math score of 95th percentile or above for math or an ITBS total language score of 95th percentile or above for reading and
  • Average of previous year's math test and/or reading test scores (not overall average) and
  • Teacher recommendation