Grades PK3-4 have art each week. Fifth grade students who choose art as their elective class meet twice a week. Art is also available as a two day/week elective for Middle School students. Additional art programs for all students include the Fall Knights of Columbus Poster Contest and Spring ArtFest.  

Students keep their hands and minds busy in the Art classroom. They are critical thinkers and problem solvers every time they come to Art.  All Saints Catholic artist projects cover the elements of design, principles of composition, periods of art history and various artists.  Students are taught The ABC’s of Art for classroom management.  The letter A represents “Always Be Respectful”, B represents “Be a Great Listener” and C represents “Clean up on time.” We teach students to make masterpieces out of their mistakes. Every student’s art work is celebrated and displayed in the hallway.



Students in grades PreK-4th receive music at least once a week.  Music classes follows the concept: "What is music?” All grades will explore, through age appropriate lessons, the elements that make up and define our understanding of music. This will include, but not be limited to pitch, rhythm, notation, theory, style and history. Through the use of voice and basic instruments students will explore an essential aspect of the human spirit and one of God's greatest gifts. Music classes teach mutual respect for each other in addition to exposing students to great composers and wonderful compositions.  In learning to be better musicians, students learn to be better listeners.


Physical Education

For students in PreK through second grade physical education classes are an overall introduction to physical activity. Children learn a variety of games that focus on different skill sets.  They are introduced to entry level dynamic warm-ups that teach them how to exercise and proper running technique. Best of all, students are learning that exercise is fun.  

Third through eighth grade students learn more in-depth and advanced dynamic warm-ups.  Students learn the value of stretching and dynamic exercises before starting any physical activity. The coach is able to focus on certain sports more and spend more time teaching the rules and techniques of these sports. Students play a variety of games that allow them to learn the values of fair play and sportsmanship. They complete the year with a good knowledge of how to stay healthy and in shape while away from school.