School Finance Committee 

The purpose of this Committee is to work with the Principal to objectively oversee and establish  preliminary policies with respect to all financial matters of All Saints Catholic School.  This Committee functions as an Ad Hoc Committee of the SAC and will report to, and operate under, the direction of the Pastor, Principal and SAC.

The School Finance Committee assists the All Saints Parish Finance Council (“Parish Finance Council”) in fulfilling its obligations to the Parish by providing the recommended Annual Operating and Capital Budget reports and other periodic financial statements to the Parish Finance  Council.

The authority of this Committee will encompass working with the Principal to perform the following functions:

  • Develop, with input from the Principal, an operating and capital budgeting process, including one, two, three, and four and five-year budget outlooks.

  • Develop, recommend and submit Annual Operating and Capital Budgets for submission to the SAC, Pastor, Principal, and Parish Finance Council.

  • Establish tuition and fees, payment terms, enrollment contract terms, tuition insurance requirements, contribution requirements to the Church and the Capital Campaign, and financial aid criteria for submission to the School Advisory Council and Pastor.

  • Define periodic and ad hoc financial reports relating to the School to be prepared by the Parish business office or the School business office.  Determine the schedule on which these reports will be provided to and reviewed by this Council.