Worship at All Saints Catholic School

Children’s Liturgies at All Saints Catholic School are based on the following guidelines and principles:

The School liturgy should be a microcosm of the Adult liturgy with the goal being to lead students toward the celebration of Mass with adults.  They must  understand their role as full participants in the liturgy, as “they grow  in communion with Christ and each other” and be led to a deeper understanding of Eucharist (in proportion to their age and personal development).

  • “…the final purpose of all liturgical and eucharistic formation must be a greater and greater conformity to the Gospel in the daily life of the children.”
  • The School liturgy will follow the guidelines of the “Directory for Masses With Children in which only some adults take part”.
  • School liturgies will primarily use the Lectionary For Masses With Children: Weekday Edition and the “Eucharistic Prayers For Masses With Children”.

Readings for special feasts, not included in the children’s lectionary, will be taken from either the regular lectionary or the Contemporary English Version of the Bible (from which most of the children’s lectionary readings come).

Student Participation 

Full participation involves “active, conscious, and authentic participation…Suited to children’s age and capabilities”.

The principles of active and conscious participation are in a sense even more significant for Masses celebrated with children.  Every effort should therefore be made to increase this participation and to make it more intense.  For this reason as many children as possible should have special parts in the celebration.

For example; preparing the place and the altar…acting as cantor…singing in a choir…playing musical instruments… proclaiming the readings…responding during the homily…reciting the intentions of the general intercessions, bringing the gifts to the altar, and performing similar activities in accord with the usage of various peoples...