Special Programs

Class Saints

Each year the kindergarten class picks a class saint.  They announce their choice of saint during
 an All Saints Day parade that is held on November 1st. That saint then follows the students through their 8th grade year as a role model and guide.

Prayer Buddies

Students in the upper grades are partnered with students in the lower grades for prayer buddies.  Prayer Buddies provides an opportunity for students to develop spiritual fellowship with students at another grade level and various activities are planned throughout the year.

All School Rosary

The entire school prays the rosary together several times throughout the year.  The purpose of the rosary is to help keep in memory certain principle events or mysteries in the history of our salvation, and to thank and praise God for them. This is always a powerful event; students sit with their prayer buddies and the united voices can be heard throughout the building.

Gallery of Saints

The Saints Gallery is produced by the 8th grade students as part of their preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation. Students dress up as the saint of their choice then line the hallways and share their saint’s life with students in PK3-7th grades.

Lenten Wednesday Morning Reflection

On Wednesday mornings during Lent, reflective music plays over the intercom and students come into the building silently. Each classroom has an LED candle lit on Wednesday mornings when the students arrive, and teachers may have a Lent activity, appropriate for their grade level, for the students to complete during quiet homeroom time.

Lenten Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross allows students to connect to Lent in a meaningful and symbolic way. Classes schedule time in the chapel throughout Lent for this prayerful activity.  


Opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation are offered to students during the school day at various times throughout the year. All students are encouraged to participate; non-Catholics will receive a blessing.

Vocation Awareness

Along with the parish, the school actively participates, through prayer and education, in Vocation Awareness Week, the annual celebration of the Catholic Church in the United States dedicated to promoting vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and consecrated life.

Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is observed across the United States each year.  It begins the last Sunday in January and continues for a week. During this time we honor our priests, students, staff and volunteers.   All activities reflect the national theme for the year as stated by the National Catholic Educators Association.

Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowls

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Rice Bowl Lenten faith formation program encourages students to pray, give up something, or fast in solidarity for those who hunger.  Students learn about our global community and the challenges of hunger and poverty around the world.  They are encouraged to give sacrificial donations to those in need.