Services Offered by ASPRL:

  • Resources in a variety of media formats covering the span of the Dewey Classification System
  • Current inventory includes:
  • 14,000 books
  • 2,600 audiocassettes
  • 240 CDs
  • 390 videocassettes
  • 235 DVDs
  • 11 CD-ROMs
  • 34 periodical titles. Some important Catholic periodicals, e.g., L'Osservatore Romano and Origins, are now available online
  • Main focus of the collections is works on the Catholic Faith, but many other faith viewpoints are also represented
  • Current information in the form of articles, pamphlets, images and small booklets is available in two Vertical File collections
  • History of the parish community is documented in an Archival collection
  • A computer database will give access to all of the holdings


Programs Offered by ASPRL:


In addition to serving individual parishioners and community groups through the lending of resources and researching for information, the ASPRL also provides: 

  • An Art/Craft Exhibit at Easter time by a local artist.
  • Cafe' Morning on the first Thursday of every month after the 9:00 a.m. Mass.
  • An English Book Review that meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Library Lounge.
  • Shelves and book trucks of  reserved materials upon request by individuals or groups
  • Covering of books with a protective plastic pocket enclosure created by a CoLibri system.
  • Duplication of materials for non-copyrighted materials. A small donation for these services is suggested as follows:                 
      • $0.05 per printed page
      • $5.00 per audiocassette or CD
      • $10.00 per videocassette or DVD.
      • This income is deposited in the Library Fund.
  • Free literature (brochures, programs, duplicate periodicals, etc.) are made available on the Library main counter.
  • New Acquisitions Lists are prepared each month and distributed via e-mail or by printed copy if requested. Extra printed copies are placed on the free literature counter. The latest list can be accessed online by selecting the link Acquisitions.
  • Resources can be ordered for personal purchases.
  • Books, tapes, and religious articles are sold on a consignment basis through a monthly PACE (Parish Adult Christian Enrichment) table. This table is set-up in the Fellowship Hall after each Sunday morning Mass on the third weekend of the month. Inventory of these materials is kept in a cabinet by the Library and can be accessed whenever the Library is ope