Online Access




Thanks to a very generous donation from the All Saints Women’s Organization, we have now fulfilled the dream of having our collection holdings accessible to the general public via the Internet.

Our long-time friendly computer system Athena has been replaced with an even more friendly system named Destiny. We are still learning out to use it to its maximum capabilities and upgrading is an ongoing task, but anyone can now view what we have in the All Saints Parish Resource Library by searching the web with the url:

At the opening page click on the phrase

All Saints Catholic Church

The default page is the Home page with basic information about our Library. Click on the CATALOG tab for searching and you will be ready to make a Basic, Power (Boolean) or Visual search by Keyword, Title, Author, Subject or Series. Searches by Copy category, Number, Barcode and Brief Records should be made in the Library only.

Create your own list of what you find that you want to check and come visit the Library at your convenience to get the materials. Have fun exploring the new system and call us (972-778-0327) if you have any questions or need help.