All Saints Library Staff 


A Team composed of a Professional Librarian and Volunteer Staff is ready to serve you:

Maria Isabel Garcia (professional librarian)

Mary Ann & Karl Rock

John Arciniega

Sue Bryan

Marilyn Chandler

Bonnie Davis

Jack Duncan

Sandro Gregorat

Nancy Holley

Josephine & Randy King

Catherine Leu

Toni Moulter

Melanie Parsley

Rosemary Quadrini

Shirley Quadros

Cam Regan

Sidonie Reynolds

Mary Rodriguez

Eleanor Triece

Rolayne Van Buskirk

Maria Elena Vidaud

George Zahorski

et. al...


If you would like to serve as a volunteer in the library or in your home, please contact the librarian, Maria Isabel Garcia: 972-778-0327 (Library), 972-238-0645 (Home), 214-768-3659 (SMU), 214-603-1734 (Mobile),  or