Programs for Junior High School


The sacred duty and the joy of each succeeding generation of Catholic believers have been to hand on the deposit of faith that was first entrusted to the apostles by Christ himself. We have received this gift, the deposit of faith- we have not conceived it. It is the heritage for the whole Church. It is our privilege and our responsibility to preserve the memory of Christ’s words themselves and to teach future generations of believers to carry out all that Christ commanded his apostles. National Directory for Catechesis



 The Junior High Program involves a comprehensive approach to Religious Education and Youth Ministry for all youth in 6th - 8th grade. Youth who want to learn the fundamentals of Catholic faith and give back to the community do so through semester and summer programs. These include weekly faith formation sessions in a classroom setting, monthly community building events, lock-ins, retreats, and service opportunities.


Faith Formation

The ministry of Religious Education helps adolescents develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Community through Scriptures and Tradition and their application to life. Catechesis in Junior Saints fosters growth in Catholic faith in three dimensions: trusting (heart), believing (mind) and doing (will).

Faith formation in 6th – 8th grade will emphasize incorporating young people more fully into the sacramental life of the church. Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation begins in the 6th grade classes and continues until Confirmation is received during the 8th grade year. Each candidate for Confirmation must be actively participating in a Religious Education program through the Parish RE Program or through All Saints Catholic School. Class time for 6th-8th grade faith formation is Sundays 3:15 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. See Confirmation for additional requirements.




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The All Saints Religious Education Program is a Volunteer Based Program. In order to have a successful Religious Education Program, volunteers are needed. It is required by All Saints Catholic Community for there to be a minimum of two “Cleared Adults” present with children and youth at all times during scheduled events. These adults may be either employees or volunteers who have been screened through the procedure outlined in the Safe Environment Program.

Each class is taught by a volunteer Catechist (no previous experience required, and training is provided) with a second “cleared adult” as a moderator. If the classes do not meet this minimum requirement of two cleared adults, a substitute is recruited or the class may be cancelled. All registration forms contain an area to check off your Volunteer Position – registration is not complete until this area of the form is complete.

More information on RE Registration, and Volunteering can be found by downloading a Religious Education Registration Packet or contacting the Religious Education Department (972-778-0328) or Matt Woyak (972-778-0330 or


Saints Alive

Saints Alive is a monthly (October through May) social event for those in 5th - 8th grade. Join us for a night of karaoke, music, basketball, games, pizza and more…..$5.00 per person. Check In/Out with Parent Signature and Saints Alive Registration Form!! Friends are Welcome!! Parent chaperones are needed!!

To Volunteer contact Matt Woyak at 972-778-0330