Checklist for Safe Environment Clearance


This includes but is certainly not limited to school programs (e.g. lunchroom or playground monitors, field trip chaperones, office help, clinic help, sports coaches, tutors, after school activity leaders, etc.), Religious Education teachers and aides, ASCS Pre-School, Youth Ministries, nursery care, children’s choir & music programs, boy scouts/girls scouts and related programs, Vacation Bible School, Vacation Adventures (summer camps), Masters of Ceremony, extraordinary ministers of Eucharist, ushers/greeters, Disabilities Ministry, and many more.


Volunteers in Key Leadership Positions:

To lead by example and actively demonstrate support for the Safe Environment Program, each member of the major Parish and School Committees as well as the President/Chairperson of major Parish and School Organizations are expected to maintain an active Safe Environment Clearance and to employ Safe Environment practices in any activity sponsored by that organization.


All volunteers, regardless of the ministry, are invited to become Safe Environment Cleared Adults in order to expand our cadre of aware and vigilant and action oriented brothers and sisters with respect to the risks of neglect or abuse.


Checklist of steps necessary to become a Safe Environment Cleared Adult:

Any documentation can be submitted to the Safe Environment Director (, dropped off at the church office, or submitted to the head of the ministry in which you are volunteering.

_____ Be at least 18 years of age

_____ Be a member of the All Saints Parish for at least 6 months*


To be completed by the applicant:

_____ Complete Online Screening Form (hard copies are available upon request from the parish office)

          Formulario de Evaluación en Español

_____ Participate in the initial Safe Environment Training – "Family of Faith" (o en español, la clase "Familia de Fe") (available online or available on DVD from parish library or school office) or check the Diocese website for live class availability.  To remain active, Safe Environment training must be updated on an annual basis.  Update Training options available on All Saints website or Diocese of Dallas website.

_____ Submit a suitable Digital Picture for ID Badge (good quality, includes head & shoulders, JPG or JPEG format is preferred).  

_____ Complete an in-person Interview with the head of the ministry in which you want to volunteer (or a designee).  Please contact the ministry head to set up an interview.  Interview slots are available on Wednesday afternoons with the Safe Environment Director for volunteers who are unsure of their primary ministry.  Click here to book an appointment.


To be completed by the Safe Environment Director:

_____ Receive positive responses to at least two Reference Checks (references are listed on the screening form and will be contacted by Safe Environment Director)

_____ Receive a clear report from a Criminal Background Check. (checks are conducted by a 3rd party company and any information is kept confidential; background checks are reviewed every two years)


Applicants for paid (staff) positions must complete the above steps AND:

_____ the Application for Employment

_____ the Computer System/Internet Use Policy Acknowledgment Form


*Membership in the Parish for at least 6 months does not apply to staff positions

*6 month requirement can be waived if we receive a letter of good standing from the applicant's previous parish