All Saints Ministries, Councils and Organizations


All of the officially sanctions ministries and organizations currently active at All Saints are listed below.  If you are interested in creating a new Ministry at All Saints Catholic Church, please review the directions for the new ministry assessment process; then complete the New Ministry Assessment form.  These forms can be found here



Altar Servers Mary Davis 972-778-0310
Eucharistic Adoration John & Mary Fina 972-490-3070
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Jen Tehan 214-783-1662
Hispanic Prayer Group / Grupo di Oracion Humberto Gonzalez 214-707-3688
Lectors Janet Toney 214-537-4455
Masters of Ceremony Mary Davis 972-778-0310
Sacristy Care Mary Davis 972-778-0310
Ushers & Greeters Mary Davis 972-778-0310
Cantors Jordan Peek 972-778-0351
St. Raphael Choir Marty Koss 972-517-7033
St. Gregory Choir Jordan Peek 972-778-0351
Sunday 5:00 P.M. Mass Band Paul Bianchi 972-778-0368
All Saints Youth Choir Jeanie Adamson 972-743-0225
St. Gabriel Brass Ensemble Jordan Peek 972-778-0351

Faith Formation

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults Sr. Mary Paul Haase 972-778-0326
Catechist Formation Kathy McDermott 972-778-0328
Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) Barbara Hammond 972-778-0325
Men’s Retreats Tripp Yarbrough 972-788-2989
Women’s Retreats Andrea Popp 972-980-7876
Young Adult Ministry      
Vocations Awareness Brandee Nelson 214-912-4820
Parish Resource Library Maria Isabel Garcia 972-778-0327
Adult Education      
Living Matrimony David & Christy Mora 214-418-7571
Sunday Morning Adult Education Series Kathy McDermott 972-778-0328
That Man is You! Kathy McDermott 972-778-0328
Women’s Bible Study Sharon Martini 972-661-9843
Children and Youth      
Rite of Christian Initiation for Children Sr. Mary Paul Haase 972-778-0326
Children’s Faith Formation Kathy McDermott 972-778-0328
Vacation Bible School Kathy McDermott 972-778-0328
Sacramental Formation Kathy McDermott 972-778-0328
   Baptism Preparation Kathy McDermott 972-778-0328
   Confirmation Matt Woyak 972-778-0330
   First Eucharist Kathy McDermott 972-778-0328
   First Reconciliation Kathy McDermott 972-778-0328
Jr. High Faith Formation Matt Woyak 972-778-0330
Jr. High Youth Ministry Matt Woyak 972-778-0330
High School Bible Study Paul Bianchi 972-778-0368
High School Life Nights Paul Bianchi 972-778-0368
High School Youth Ministry Paul Bianchi 972-778-0368

Pastoral Care

Caring Card Judy Vidas 972-380-2961 
Homebound Eucharistic Ministry Jen Tehan 214-783-1662
Knitting and Prayer Shawl Kathy McDermott 972-778-0328
The Mary Widows for Christ Mary Marchand 972-778-0308
Funeral Reception Committee Terri Gorman 214-577-1319
English as a Second Language Cheryl Wong 214-674-2042
Ministry for Persons with Special Needs, Disabilities
and Caregivers
Barbara Anne Rusk 972-814-8227
A Better Way Evelyn Thompson 214-868-5306
Blood Drive Jeannie Colonna 214-536-2300 
Outreach: Liz Bush 972-404-8701
   Austin Street Shelter (monthly) Karyl & Mike Frick 972-248-0877
   Back To School Supplies Collection Judy Vidas 972-380-2961
   Help Your Neighbor Sunday Laura Cayce 972-386-7283
   Reverse Collection Vivyenne Leavey 972-248-8679
   The Giving Tree Ann Murphy 972-233-4069
   Food Pantry Robin Moloney 214-282-4950  
Society of St. Vincent de Paul Harry Storey 972-480-5362
Vision Food Share Marie Abel 972-233-1856
Food Pantry Robin Moloney 214-282-4950
Marriage Encounter Chip & Gail Entringer 972-758-9600
Sponsors for Engaged Couples Kathy & Mike Havel 972-345-1956
Legion of Mary Lydia Longoria 210-439-7555
Our Lady of Schoenstatt Patricia Bowlin 972-571-9584
Respect for Life Jack Falloure 214-674-1309
Rosary Makers Karen Gorman 972-746-1878

Parish Life

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All Saints Men’s Club J. Robert Ransone 214-693-5957 
All Saints Moms Group Teresa Gallagher, Mitzi Tsukahara 
All Saints Women’s Organization Rolayne Van Buskirk 972-931-9439 
All Saints Young Marrieds
Boy Scouts-Troop 86 Matt Nickols 972-835-9668
Cub Scouts-Pack 86 James Talkington 972-464-5891
Empty Nesters Larry & Helen Brennan 972-866-8431
Fall Festival Mackenzie Triana 214-566-7862
Golden Saints Keith Von Seggern 972-800-7847 
Knights of Columbus Mike Greene 214-507-5876
Knights of Columbus Squires Stan Schwieterman 972-239-5830
Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus Gail Entringer 972-758-9600
Multi-Cultural Ministry Joseph Percywell 972-922-1921
Newcomer's Welcome Committee Carolyn Bisulca 972-661-9282
Nursery Rachel Scott 


Pastoral Advisory Council Jeff West 502-974-5239 
Finance Council      
Stewardship Committee Carolyn Bisulca 972-661-9282
Building Committee Robert McDermott 972-964-1570
Safe Environment Program Elizabeth Horsley 972-778-0311 
All Saints Catholic School      
Home & School Association Elizabeth Greer 214-862-2242
School Advisory Council Julie Nickols 214-217-3300