Step out in faith and respond to God’s calling by making a commitment of just one hour a week in personal conversation and prayer with Jesus. You can sign up for any hour of any day or night as more Adorers are always needed and welcome at our Adoration Chapel.

Sign up as an individual or as a family/group. Commit to a specific hour and then simply make sure someone is there from your family or group to fulfill the commitment. By making a “public” commitment to be there, the obligation becomes easier to keep, because others are counting on you. Jesus is waiting for you…don’t disappoint HIM!

Please fill out the form below and someone from the Adoration Committee will contact you shortly. 

Currently the greatest needs are as follows:

  • Tuesday:  2 PM
  • Wednesday:  10 AM; 12 Noon;  1 PM;  3PM;  5 PM
  • Thursday:  10 AM;  1 PM;  2 PM;  3 PM
  • Friday:  3 PM;  6 PM

We also would like some additional people we can call un as substitutes.

Thank You for your commitment to this sacred ministry.


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